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Graduate Programs

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences offers a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. The degree program is designed for professionals seeking advanced study in one of the specialty areas of family and consumer sciences.

The program allows an emphasis in:

The program is recommended for students whose undergraduate degree is also in Family and Consumer Sciences. It is less appropriate for students with undergraduate degrees in more specific areas (such as a B.A. in Apparel, Merchandizing, and Design).

We also offer a combined Master's degree and Dietetic Internship Program for those students seeking to become Registered Dietitians.

Admission Requirements

The department prefers a 3.0 grade point average in the last 60 hours of all undergraduate course work and a GRE preferred verbal reasoning score of 148. A statement of professional goals is to be submitted with the online application, and three letters of recommendation are submitted directly to the Department. Students who do not hold an undergraduate degree in family and consumer sciences may be required to complete deficiency work as determined by the graduate coordinator. Visit the Admissions website to apply.

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for all FCS programs except Child Life and the Dietetic Internship programs, which have their own deadlines, are:

  • For Fall - May 1
  • For Summer - April 1
  • For Spring - October 1

Degree Options

Students may choose one of the following options to complete their M.S. or M.A in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Thesis Option

The Thesis Option is a 32-semester-hour program which includes a thesis. The 32-hour program requires at least 15 semester hours numbered 400 and above and at least 16 hours in family and consumer sciences. Please refer to the department's Thesis Checklist as a supplement to the Graduate School's thesis information.

Non-Thesis Option

The Non-Thesis Option is a 39-semester-hour program of course work along with a project or culminating experience. The 39-hour program requires at least 18 semester hours in courses numbered 400 or above and at least 20 hours in family and consumer sciences.

Core Courses

For both the 32-hour program and 39-hour program, students must complete the following departmental core courses:

  • FCS 401: Theories and Contemporary Issues in Family and Consumer Sciences
  • FCS 445: Statistics in Applied Science and Technology
  • FCS 497: Introduction to Research Methodology

Additional Coursework

Both the 32 and 39 semester hour degree options allow students to select graduate level courses from family and consumer sciences and other departments on campus. Gain approval for courses from your advisor or the graduate coordinator and then request permission and an override from the department offering the course. All graduate courses are listed in the Graduate Catalog.

Thesis Requirements

Completion of at least four semester hours of FCS 499 - Thesis is required for the degree and no more than six hours of 499 can be counted toward the 32-hour requirement. Thesis hours do not count toward the required 15 semester hours of 400-level courses. Once enrolled in FCS 499, continuous registration in at least one semester hour of 499 is required each subsequent fall and spring semester until graduation. Registration in at least one semester hour of 499 is also required if graduating in the summer (August). Detailed information about thesis requirements, committee membership, deadlines, and necessary forms are available from the Graduate School, as a reference please use the FCS Thesis Checklist. A graduate student must have the assent of at least 60% of the members of their thesis committee to pass their thesis oral defense.

Grade Point Average

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation.

Time Limitations

All requirements for the graduate degree must be completed within six calendar years beginning with the date the student first registers as a graduate level student.

International Students

International students should visit the International Studies website for additional information.

FCS Graduate Student Handbook

Current students can reference the above information and more in the FCS Graduate Student Handbook.

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