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Family and Consumer Sciences faculty and staff posing.


Welcome to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) at Illinois State University! Our department offers applied fields of study that focus on enhancing the lives of individuals, their families and communities.

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The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences welcomes scheduled visits for either individual prospective students or high school groups.


The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Illinois State University is accredited by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences.

FCS Fast Facts Sheet

American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences accreditation logo.

FCS Strategic Map

  • Our Vision

    Turning a passion into a career in Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • Our Mission

    Empowering today’s students to become tomorrow’s professionals, enriching lives, strengthening families, and building resilient communities.

Our Values

  • Connection

  • Community

  • Collaboration

  • Diversity

  • Innovation

  • Stewardship

  • Inclusion

  • Equity

  • Passion

  • Integrity

  • Respect

Goals and Strategies

  • I - Integrate applied learning and technologies to provide an exemplary educational experience focusing on individual goals for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    • Cultivate transformative hands-on and applied educational experiences.
    • Recruit, retain, and graduate diverse undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Provide exceptional learning facilities.
    • Enhance and grow graduate programs
    • Enhance and promote the Honors program.
    • Seek input from external constituents to improve the curricula.
    • Review curricula at the department level for integration of Family and Consumer Sciences body of knowledge.
  • II - Support a workplace that facilitates and rewards faculty and staff excellence.

    • Employ and retain diverse faculty, Administrative Professional, and Civil Service staff.
    • Support faculty, Administrative Professional, and Civil Service staff transition and orientation into the department, college and university.
    • Encourage professional development of faculty, Administrative Professional, and Civil Service staff with access to developmental and travel funds.
    • Promote teaching innovation and excellence.
    • Support research excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration.
    • Recognize faculty, Administrative Professional, and Civil Service staff for excellence.
  • III - Develop and maintain productive relationships with external constituencies that strengthen and promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

    • Facilitate research with external research partners.
    • Seek and maintain relationships with external stakeholders.
    • Actively engage and grow the advisory board.
    • Increase the visibility of FCS through a sustained communications plan.
    • Explore self-supporting, entrepreneurial opportunities that encourage innovation, sustainability, and responsible citizenship.
    • Improve fundraising efforts and donor relations with individual donors and corporations.
  • IV - Foster a cohesive culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity that reaches all our students, faculty, and staff.

    • Celebrate and grow the welcoming, supportive environment of the department.
    • Increase diversity among students, staff, and faculty.
    • Foster an inclusive community spirit and anti-racism environment with students, staff, and faculty.
    • Enrich curriculum and educational programs with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Prioritize professional development and training on diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Enhance international opportunities related to teaching, research, and cultural immersion for students, staff, and faculty.

Message from the Department Chair

Six distinct programs prepare students to work in their specific area of interest:

Each is an area of study that focuses on the well-being of individuals, family and communities, and graduates are prepared to work in specialized fields related to each area of study. Whether focused on sustainable clothing, healthy diets, rewarding relationships, pleasing environments or teaching the next generation, graduates are prepared to meet the challenges of today’s global environment.

Family and Consumer Sciences, like Illinois State University, provides a small-college atmosphere with large-university opportunities. Faculty are available to provide individualized attention in and out of the classroom to promote learning and scholarship. They encourage students to take advantage of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom by promoting civic engagement and diversity. Each area has active student clubs where students learn more about their area and have opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Our department is one of fewer than 50 programs in the United States accredited by the Council for Accreditation of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS). Our dietetics programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), and interior design by Council on Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

Explore our FCS website to learn more about each of our programs, faculty and the opportunities available to students.

Best wishes,

Dr. Marla Reese-Weber
Department Chair