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When to Seek Advising

Students are encouraged to continue to have contact with their FCS Academic Advisor each semester, prior to their registration day and time. Advisors assist with plans of study which detail when students intent to take all courses needed to meet graduation requirements.

  • Sophomores

    First-semester sophomores are encouraged to arrange a meeting with the FCS Academic Advisor as soon as possible to discuss a plan of study.

  • Transfer Students

    Internal and external transfer students are encouraged to meet during their first semester in the department to draft a plan of study for graduation.

  • Seniors

    Seniors are strongly encouraged to meet with or e-mail the FCS Academic Advisor regarding their last semester, prior to the start of registration, to confirm they are on target for their anticipated graduation date.

  • Course Override Requests

    • If you can't register for any class for any reason, please submit a "Course Override Request" online through My
    • The online request form will be under the "Academics" tab in the "Course Manager" section.
    • Each department is responsible for handling "Course Override Requests" for courses in their department. (For example: All English classes are handled by the Department of English.)
    • Once a "Course Override Request" is submitted, the appropriate department will review and respond to your request.
  • Internship/Professional Practice/FCS 398

    All students in FCS are required to complete a professional practice experience or a semester of student teaching (for those in our teacher education program).

    You can learn more about FCS 398/Professional Practice/Internship by following the steps below:

    1. Log in to "ReggieNet"
    2. Click "FCS Academic Advising" tab at top
    3. Click "FCS 398" tab on left
  • FCS 198

    Students do have the opportunity to earn credit for FCS 198, which is an internship class for FCS underclassmen that do not yet meet the requirements for FCS 398.


Students may apply for graduation via the "Apply for Graduation" link on My Illinois State.
This is a degree requirement.