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  • Prerequisites

    In order to qualify for FCS 398, students must meet the following prerequisties:

    • A minimum of 75 hours completed
    • Completion of FCS 200
    • Minimum 2.0 GPA
    • Concurrent registration with FCS 300

    *If you do not meet the prerequisites for FCS 398 but would still like to do an internship for credit, please contact your advisor about enrolling for FCS 198

  • Applications

    The Professional Practice application is available on the FCS Advising ReggieNet page.

    Students are respsonsible for finding an internship site that aligns with their career goals and professional interests. You will not be registered for FCS 398 until after your application has been approved by the Professional Practice Coordinator. Students can expect to receive a confirmation email from the coordinator once the deadline has passed and applications have been processed.

    Students may not enroll for FCS 300 and FCS 398 on their own. The coordinator will issue overrides and follow up with each student via their ISU email with specifc registration instructions upon approval of their application.

  • Purpose

    The Professional Practice course has five main purposes:

    • To provide the student with on-the-job work experience that will allow for a variety of management/supervisory learning opportunities.
    • To allow the student to apply his or her capabilities and academic learning on the job.
    • To develop interpersonal skills.
    • To develop positive/professional attitudes.
    • To encourage closer cooperation between the FCS Department and the government, business, agency, or industry with whom the student is working.
  • Professional Practice Areas

    Fashion Design and Merchandising students often find internship opportunities in the following areas:

    • Corporate offices
    • Retail sales
    • Fashion marketing/promotion
    • Boutiques
    • Bridal
    • Museums
    • Distribution